SAMEER is the only organisation in the country which has developed LINAC machines for medical applications. This has been done jointly with CSIO and PGI, Chandigarh. Technology for 4-6 MeV machines has been developed.

  • 25% to 30% cheaper than equivalent machines available
  • Committed to provide support for maintenance and spares
  • Meets WHO specifications and AERB safety requirements



SIDDHARTH- the 6 MV Medical Linac was developed under the Jai-Vigyan Mission of the Government of India. It conforms with IEC standards for radiological and non-radiological safety and is Type Approved by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Mumbai, India. The first unit is operational at MGIMS, near Mahatma Gandhi Ashram at Sewagram, Maharashtra, India ,while the second unit is operational at Old Cancer Institute, Canal Road, Adyar, Chennai; both treating a large number of patients from the economically weaker class.

MeV LINEAR ACCELERATOR For cancer treatment

  • Replaces cobalt-60 machine which is being phased out in many countries
  • Three machines installed, one each at the following places:-

    i) PGI, Chandigarh
    ii) CCWH, Thakurpukur, Calcutta
    iii) GMCH, Chandigarh

Fourth machine awaiting commissioning at Wardha, Maharashtra

SAMEER has also taken up development of 15 MeV medical LINAC Machine.

15 MeV LINEAR ACCELERATOR For Cancer Therapy

  • Higher capability than 4MeV machine.
  • Development is in progress