Medical LINAC

Medical ElectronicsSAMEER has developed two units of 6 MV Medical LINAC under National Jai Vigyan project and installed them at Chennai and Vardha. In the second phase four units of 6 MV Medical LINAC are being made and deployed in the identified hospitals for treating the cancer patients.

Dual photon and multiple electron energy integrated oncology system

The dual photon and multiple electron energy integrated oncology system is an advanced version of Linear accelerator used for cancer therapy.. This DIT sponsored project includes design and developmental work in critical areas like beam bending system, triode guns, electron dosimetry, asymmetric collimator, etc. This medical Linear accelerator system will have two photon energies and five electron energies for the treatment.

LINAC batch fabrication Facility at Kharghar

Technology for making a 6 MV Medical Linear Accelerators is successfully developed and now ready for transfer to industries for taking up large scale manufacturing. Through the initiative and Sponsorship of Department of Information Technology (DIT) SAMEER has established the Infrastructure facility for Batch fabrication of LINAC Machines at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. Special radiation shielded rooms and workshops are constructed. Sophisticated test equipments needed for manufacturing and testing the LINAC tubes and machines are procured. The complete medical LINAC machine can be assembled tested and evaluated using the infrastructural facilities.

Medical Electronics