The ongoing research activities in this area are related to synthesis of dilute nitride semiconductor laser materials , GaAs/AlGaAs based Quantum Well Infrared photo detectors, packaging of high power laser diodes, integrated Optic chips for Fiber Optic Gyro, FOG optical modules, optical waveguide based sensors for detection of Biomolecules, trace gas and water detection using Infrared Optical techniques and development of high power sapphire RF window for Gyrotron and Millimeterwave applications. Major achievements are as follows:
  • Development of Fiber Optic Gyroscope

    Development of Fiber Optic Gyroscope Design and Analysis Simulator for Closed Loop Fiber Optic Gyroscope is developed. Design and simulation study of electrode structure for Integrated Optic Gyro Chip was carried out.

  • Synthesis of Dilute Nitride Semiconductor Laser Materials

    Successful synthesis of device grade Indium Gallium Nitride Arsenide Hetero structures: InGaNAs/GaAs. Successful synthesis of Quantum Well Infrared Photo detector GaAs/AlGaAs material (QWIP). The developments are carried out using Molecular Beam Epitaxy reactor with High temperature Substrate manipulator and Arsenic Cracker cell.

  • Optical Waveguide Based Sensors

    Optical Waveguide Based Sensors for detection of Bimolecules, Trace gas and water using Infrared Optical techniques are being developed. Design, fabrication and characterization of Biosensor based on tapered optical waveguide is being done in collaboration with School of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT, Bombay. Implementation of electronic circuitry for interfacing CMOS sensor with microcontroller for bio sensing application is completed.

  • High Power Sapphire RF Window for Gyrotron & Millimeter Wave Applications

    DST has sponsored national project entitled Design & Development of 42 GHz, 200 KW CW/Long Pulse Gyrotron. SAMEER is participating in this by developing a high power window. The activity has been started recently with the objective to develop technologies for various gyro devices and related high-power mm wave components. Performance of the window limits the high-power capability of a gyrotron. UHV grade sapphire to metal joining technique has been developed and stabilized.

  • Direct Writing and Characterization of Optical Waveguides in BK7 Glass

    Fabrication of femtosecond laser written integrated optic devices is an emerging area of science and technology.. The femtosecond laser writing is an alternative approach of fabricating optical waveguide devices and, a unique way of fabricating 3D integrated optic devices in various materials.. The work in this field has been initiated in collaboration with TIFR. Preliminary results from optical waveguides fabricated at TIFR and characterized at SAMEER show promising results.

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