(Core R&D Initiatives)

RadarSince past three decades SAMEER has played significant role in developing indigenous Radar based atmospheric instrumentation . We have first built the iconic MST radar at Gadanki near Tirupathi which gives Wind profiles up to 100 km . We also developed a 400 MHz Radio Acoustic sounding system (RASS) for wind / temperature profiler and installed at IMD campus at Pashan Pune. Technology of acoustic sounding of atmosphere which led to the development of instruments like Phased array Doppler sodar/ mini portable sodars was developed by us. These instruments are being used at many places for atmospheric research and environmental monitoring . We have also developed Digital Radiosonde, Ozonesonde for which the technology is being transferred. to IMD for batch production. In addition SAMEER has completed development of 1680 MHz Radiotheodolite and automation /autocomputation of 400 MHz Radiotheodolites which were funded by IMD. The technologies developed are directly useful for scientists, researchers and operations personnel at Meteorological Department, and National Research Laboratories. As a core research activity we are pursuing development of Ka band Cloud radar.
  • Phased Array Sodar

    A Phased Array Sodar is developed for environmental assessment with remote operation facility. The system is developed with special emphasis given to environmental assessment studies. Data is stored in the embedded control unit in the field which can be downloaded on Wi-Fi/Ethernet enabled computer/laptop. Operations can be controlled remotely.

  • Ka-Band Polarimetric Cloud Radar

    RadarThe Ka-Band Polarimetric Cloud Radar offers better information about micro physical information about Hydrometeors. Software model has been developed for hydro meteors classification. The model takes various parameters from polarimetric radar such as Z, Zdr, Ldr, Kdp, as its input from which hydro meteors can be differentiated using Fuzzy logic model. The algorithm has been written in MATLAB and tested using simulated data.

SAMEER is developing the KA band radar through its core R&D initiatives.